Hayabusa Low Pro Fuel Tank

Complete Suzuki Hayabusa low profile fuel tank.  Aluminum fuel cell combined with our carbon fiber tank shell makes this a light weight option that is also safer than most.  OEM tank weighs approximately 15lbs and our tank is 6lbs.  Fuel cap is included and total volume of cell is approximately 1.5 gallons. Additionally, one Quik Latch is included for top/front mounting easy.  The Quik Latch allows you to lift the tank without tools.

*NOTE: These fuel tanks come with a standard fuel cap designed for GAS (Race Gas OK).  If using Methanol or E85 please select the upgraded fuel cap ($75) to avoid issues.  (Maintenance while using E85/Methanol is still required)

*NOTE: The fuel cell is made to accept and bolt up the OEM fuel pump, however the fuel gauge float must be removed.  The cell is built tall to completely submerge the pump without an excess load of fuel, but this design doesn't allow enough width for the float.