Here's a list of our most popular questions that we receive.  If you still have a question, feel free to reach out to us directly via email or phone.


Q: What happens when my package was destroyed during the process of shipping.

A: Send us an email with pictures of your damaged part, the damaged box, and we will do the rest.


Q: Does the Gen 3 Front Fender come with any hardware?

A: No, the Gen 3 Front Fender does not come with any hardware.


Q: Do we have an 07/08 GSXR Front Fender?

A: We don’t but we have the 05/06 Front Fender that will fit right up to an 07/08.


Q: Do we sell LED’s separately for Headlights and Taillights?

A: Yes, we do!


Q: Can the GSXR extended tail fit on the stock subframe?

A: No. only fits up to an aftermarket subframe or our subframe.


Q: Does the all the complete tanks that we make use the stock pumps?

A: Yes, your stock pump will bolt up directly to our fuel tanks.


Q: Do we have any support for the seat cowl?

A: We do not make braces or seat supports for the seat cowl, but it is recommended to have one with our seat cowl.


Q: What tire sizes do we use to fit all of our front fenders?

A: 120/60/17


Q: Do we sell actual motorcycle parts?

A: No, we just sell Carbon Fiber motorcycle aftermarket parts.